Salvage Youth


Help three young kids build a rocket


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Salvage Youth is a 2D platform game where you control three kids - which you can switch between by pressing a button - who are trying to build a spaceship and leave Earth.

Each of the three boys has a unique ability that allows him to perform certain actions that the others cannot. The gameplay is similar to that of Lost Vikings, but instead of Vikings, they're children, and instead of axes, they're using wrenches.

As you play, you'll face a number of challenges, mostly divided into puzzles or platforms. The rocket the boys are trying to build is enormous and they're quite small. So, you'll have to climb, repair, jump, and throw objects in order to complete your ticket off the planet.

Salvage Youth is a platform game with a touch of puzzles, lovely graphics, and a clever gameplay. Its only drawback, as with most free games, is that it's pretty short.